You Don’t Need An Expensive Website

You Don’t Need An Expensive Website

So many small business owners I talk to are just terrified to get a website quote from me.

Either they’ve heard horror stories from friends & family about web agencies charging exorbitant amounts of money for a fairly basic website, or they’ve already gotten a quote that scared them right out of the market & left them relying on an outdated site.

The good news is, you probably don’t need a super fancy, crazy expensive website for your small business. Does that sound like I’m shooting myself in the foot, telling you not to spend a bunch of $$ with me? Well, let’s look at just a few things that will legitimately increase the price of a website (redesign or new build):

  • eCommerce (product options, payment gateways, extra security…so many critical details)
  • Education (class materials, videos, student dashboard, what’s password protected & what’s free for everyone…)
  • Membership (secure members’ area, discussion forums, social…)
  • Certain integrations (CRM, job listings from a database, the MLS for real estate folks, etc)

You can have an attractive, functional site that provides perfectly good User Experience for your visitors… without needing any of the complications listed above.

Or, you may only need to add eCommerce and whatever you’re selling. Classes? Memberships for specific info or networking? Physical products?

Yes, these things take time & expertise to integrate into your website correctly. But unless you’re just dying to compete with Amazon, there are still lots of simpler, less expensive options.

Now – do I want to build complex, challenging websites? Totally! I learned WordPress and am studying Front End development mainly because I like building cool stuff. Because, #geek. 

BUT… your small business quite probably doesn’t need a super complex website.

So – why in the world do you have to pay $20k for a small business website that’s NOT super complex???

You don’t.

At least, you shouldn’t.

How can you I build you a groovy, fully functional website without destroying your whole budget?

WordPress. [cue the angels]

I can build you dang near anything with WordPress, and we won’t have to reinvent any wheels or break any banks to do it. You’re welcome.  😉

WordPress is an excellent platform to build on, and some amazing tools have been created to give WordPress sites all kinds of functionality.

Tools like responsive themes and well built plugins make building or redesigning your site easier & faster – therefore less expensive for you.

Sound like good business? That’s because it IS.

If it’s time (or almost time) for a new website for your business, drop me a line & let’s talk about it.

You let me know what you NEED your website to do, what you’d LOVE to have it do, and I’ll give you the truth. We’ll discuss the kinds of tools we can use, a realistic timeline, and a realistic budget.

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